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As a leader, you determine the speed, effectiveness, and efficiencies by which your company runs.  Smart leaders know that where there business is (good or not so good) is a result of their overall leadership and strategic direction. The challenge is that most business leaders are so busy working in the business that they forget to step out of the day to “busy ness” to look at their short term and perceived long term results – and to constantly strategize “ON” the business.

This takes extraordinary discipline, and a well structured plan to take your leadership/strategist role seriously. Its said that the strategist always beats the tactical person. This applies in all areas of life, sports, business, and relationships. And, the good news is that there are key strategies to be a successful leader.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, you simply have to follow the paths of some of the best leaders in the world. The steps are there, the information is there, but the challenge lies in getting yourself to pay attention. The best leaders have a coach to keep them on this path, to be master strategists, and most importantly, to dominate your marketplace.

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