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Leadership is about laying out the vision, the strategy, and having effective communications with your employees on the direction of the company.

Management is how you get it done. I’ve seen companies that had good leadership with poor management skills – people were really motivated, and very busy, but without good management, they were mistaking activity fore productivity. They were on the path huge frustration among the team. I’ve seen companies that have had good management, without good leadership – the staff was managed well and held accountable, but they didn’t know the strategic direction and how they fit into it. This directly attributed to a poor attitude in the company. They struggled. And, I’ve seen/worked with very successful companies – THEY had the ingredients of success – great leadership, and meticulous management of the people, the process, and the technologies.

Management is about getting things done. Management is about setting appropriate and smart KPI’s (key performance indicators) in every area of your company and making sure they all match up to the ultimate strategy. Great companies have well structured and managed KPI’s in the following areas – do you?

  • Financials
    • Revenue vs. Goals
    • Budget vs. Goals
    • Trending
    • Forecasting
  • Sales
    • Revenue/Margin
    • Sales Pipeline
    • Sales Activities (calls, meetings, conversions, etc)
  • Marketing
    • Lead Generation
    • Database growth
    • Sales from website
    • Sales collateral
A well managed team is a successful team. But all leaders must know that there are effective ways to manage –  and poor ways to manage.

Effective management gives:
  • Clarity on job responsibilities
  • An understanding of how that person's role fits into the company's strategy
  • Specific measurements to help them understand if they are on the right track
  • Regular reviews to coach and train
  • Motivation for people to do their very best, and be rewarded for it.
Ineffective management creates:
  • Lack of clarity on job responsibilities: how does the employee know if they are doing the right  thing?
  • No clarity on the importance of their role in the overall strategy – without that aim, your employees will drift through the day
  • Without measurements, how does your employee know how they will be measured and held accountable?
  • Lack of reviews: without constant reviews and coaching, your employees could be working really hard at the wrong thing – or worse, hurting your company more than they are helping it.
  • Lack of motivation:  this is the death trap of all companies. Without a motivated team, your business will struggle – even in the GOOD times.

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