Success Stories

"Gene has an energy that is beyond words.  His ability to connect with a group, inspire, and ignite passion is without question, powerful.  He has a gift of helping people realize that the ability to succeed lies within them.  I have never experienced a keynote like Gene’s-definitely memorable and impactful."
--Samantha Deines, Vice President, Organizational Development CBE Group

I tripled my business for 2010 in the past 6 months…
I also brought my level of strategic leadership, communication skills, and time mgmt. up to a level that will sustain this growth.”

--Kari Warberg, Earth-Kind

Company in Israel where Gene led them to TRIPLE their revenue and profit within 6 months:

“…I have a lot to thank you for, in fact.  In June I had my best event so far, with 100+ attending, 60 of which new prospects – out of which I had 30% conversion (!) into my yearly programs.  The entire event was structured to persuade and was very effective.  Moreover, the event was profitable (on the front end, not counting the new clients signing up), no small feat for me. You have a large part in my success so far so thanks again!
Amir Hardoof, Hardoof Business Consulting, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Gene is one of the most charismatic and knowledgeable sales experts I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Gene intuitively understands people and how to communicate and connect with each individual. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious and motivate those around him to expect more of themselves and thereby achieve more. Gene is one in a million and someone I would love to work with again..”
--Michael Shrader, VP America's/President of Gateway2000 Direct, Gateway - Managed Gene at Gateway 2000

I feel the same thing is true of Gene McNaughton when you think of Gene in terms of a position requiring the development of human potential in a sales organization. His background, temperament and skills not only make him uniquely qualified for the position, but splendidly positioned for success as well. The organizations and people around him have always prospered for their association with him and I'm sure will continue to do so in the future.” April 18, 2008
-- Larry Bradley, Sales Manager, Gateway Computer - Worked indirectly for Gene at Gateway Computers

:Gene Web Photos:September2006 073.jpg
"There are very few people who show up in your life as a good example, role model, and mentor- Gene is that person in my life. The wins that I have had over the last few years were a result of his leadership and coaching in my life. He understands the psychology and the mechanics of running a business- particularly in the arena sales management. He has contributed to the success of numerous people that I have worked with over the years. He is simply one of the best, highest integrity and most knowledgeable people I know."” September 2, 2008
-- Reginald Batts, Manager of Franchise Services, OneCoach, Inc. - Reported to Gene at OneCoach and at Robbins Research International

"As a manager Gene is all about people development. Your professional and career development is just as if not more important to Gene as hitting your sales numbers. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Gene make yourself available to learn as much as possible from him. Rarely to you find a manager with Gene's talent and experience who genuinely cares about his employees growth." 
--Clint Nielsen
, Channel Manager, Gateway, reported to Gene at Gateway’s Small to Medium Business Division

"Gene is an excellent motivator and leader. While working with Gene, I had the pleasure to experience his leadership in driving his team to new heights. He has the drive to insure that all goals will be met and that no challenge is too great.
 --Patrick Murphy, worked with Gene at Gateway’s Educational Sales Division

"I have worked with and for Gene in several capacities. His leadership and devotion to people development is outstanding. I would put him in front of a customer at any time. His presence and professionalism is very sound." 
Steve Bell, worked with Gene at Gateway’s State and Local Government DivisioN

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