The Ultimate Sales Mastery System

Learn the fastest and easiest way to master the most profitable skill set in the world – virtually, inexpensively, and available to your team 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

What do the most successful business people, salespeople, parents and coaches have in common?  Their ability to cause others to take action. Whether it was conscious (through training) or unconscious (through experience) the best of best have mastered the ability to help others take massive action on their ideas, plans, products, or services. You can do the same thing, once you master the common principles that the Sales Masters follow every day.

In this Virtual Training Program, Gene will guide you on the Core Master Principles of Sales, Influence and Persuasion.  You will learn the exact formula that Gene has created for hundreds of companies, and thousands of salespeople — that, when followed, will dramatically increase your overall results.

This program gives you the exact formulas that Gene uses and teaches to others, including:

•    The Mindset of Success
•    How to Create Impeccable Mental preparation
•    The Art and Science of Building Massive Rapport
•    How to ask stimulating questions that unlock buying signals
•    How to effectively “Story Sell”
•    The most important elements of effectively presenting your case, your products, or your services
•    How to Close — and 5 keys in helping your audience make a decision to take action
•    4 ways to handle objections – before they even happen
•    The 6 key elements to a successful follow up program
•    How to create an Army of referrals

Thousands of leaders, managers, and salespeople have been through this program live — with all of them giving RAVING feedback.  This program will deliver to you the same tools, insights, and strategies that Gene has successfully culminated in over 25 years of learning, experiencing, field testing and executing towards massive success. 

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